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Computed values.


pub use self::angle::Angle;
pub use self::background::BackgroundRepeat;
pub use self::background::BackgroundSize;
pub use self::basic_shape::FillRule;
pub use self::border::BorderCornerRadius;
pub use self::border::BorderRadius;
pub use self::border::BorderSpacing;
pub use self::border::BorderImageRepeat;
pub use self::border::BorderImageSideWidth;
pub use self::border::BorderImageSlice;
pub use self::border::BorderImageWidth;
pub use self::box_::AnimationIterationCount;
pub use self::box_::AnimationName;
pub use self::box_::AnimationTimeline;
pub use self::box_::Contain;
pub use self::box_::ContainerName;
pub use self::box_::ContainerType;
pub use self::box_::Appearance;
pub use self::box_::BreakBetween;
pub use self::box_::BreakWithin;
pub use self::box_::Clear;
pub use self::box_::ContentVisibility;
pub use self::box_::Float;
pub use self::box_::Display;
pub use self::box_::Overflow;
pub use self::box_::OverflowAnchor;
pub use self::box_::TransitionProperty;
pub use self::box_::OverflowClipBox;
pub use self::box_::OverscrollBehavior;
pub use self::box_::Perspective;
pub use self::box_::Resize;
pub use self::box_::ScrollbarGutter;
pub use self::box_::ScrollSnapAlign;
pub use self::box_::ScrollSnapAxis;
pub use self::box_::ScrollSnapStop;
pub use self::box_::ScrollSnapStrictness;
pub use self::box_::ScrollSnapType;
pub use self::box_::TouchAction;
pub use self::box_::VerticalAlign;
pub use self::box_::WillChange;
pub use self::color::Color;
pub use self::color::ColorOrAuto;
pub use self::color::ColorPropertyValue;
pub use self::color::ColorScheme;
pub use self::color::PrintColorAdjust;
pub use self::column::ColumnCount;
pub use self::counters::Content;
pub use self::counters::ContentItem;
pub use self::counters::CounterIncrement;
pub use self::counters::CounterReset;
pub use self::counters::CounterSet;
pub use self::easing::TimingFunction;
pub use self::effects::BoxShadow;
pub use self::effects::Filter;
pub use self::effects::SimpleShadow;
pub use self::flex::FlexBasis;
pub use self::font::FontFamily;
pub use self::font::FontLanguageOverride;
pub use self::font::FontStyle;
pub use self::font::FontFeatureSettings;
pub use self::font::FontVariantLigatures;
pub use self::font::FontVariantNumeric;
pub use self::font::FontSize;
pub use self::font::FontSizeAdjust;
pub use self::font::FontStretch;
pub use self::font::FontSynthesis;
pub use self::font::FontVariantAlternates;
pub use self::font::FontWeight;
pub use self::font::FontVariantEastAsian;
pub use self::font::FontVariationSettings;
pub use self::font::MathDepth;
pub use self::font::MozScriptMinSize;
pub use self::font::MozScriptSizeMultiplier;
pub use self::font::XLang;
pub use self::font::XTextZoom;
pub use self::image::Gradient;
pub use self::image::Image;
pub use self::image::ImageRendering;
pub use self::image::LineDirection;
pub use self::image::MozImageRect;
pub use self::length::CSSPixelLength;
pub use self::length::NonNegativeLength;
pub use self::length::Length;
pub use self::length::LengthOrNumber;
pub use self::length::LengthPercentage;
pub use self::length::NonNegativeLengthOrNumber;
pub use self::length::LengthOrAuto;
pub use self::length::LengthPercentageOrAuto;
pub use self::length::MaxSize;
pub use self::length::Size;
pub use self::length::NonNegativeLengthPercentage;
pub use self::length::NonNegativeLengthPercentageOrAuto;
pub use self::list::Quotes;
pub use self::motion::OffsetPath;
pub use self::motion::OffsetRotate;
pub use self::outline::OutlineStyle;
pub use self::page::PageOrientation;
pub use self::page::PageName;
pub use self::page::PageSize;
pub use self::page::PaperSize;
pub use self::percentage::NonNegativePercentage;
pub use self::percentage::Percentage;
pub use self::position::AspectRatio;
pub use self::position::GridAutoFlow;
pub use self::position::GridTemplateAreas;
pub use self::position::MasonryAutoFlow;
pub use self::position::Position;
pub use self::position::PositionOrAuto;
pub use self::position::ZIndex;
pub use self::ratio::Ratio;
pub use self::rect::NonNegativeLengthOrNumberRect;
pub use self::resolution::Resolution;
pub use self::svg::DProperty;
pub use self::svg::MozContextProperties;
pub use self::svg::SVGLength;
pub use self::svg::SVGOpacity;
pub use self::svg::SVGPaint;
pub use self::svg::SVGPaintKind;
pub use self::svg::SVGPaintOrder;
pub use self::svg::SVGStrokeDashArray;
pub use self::svg::SVGWidth;
pub use self::text::HyphenateCharacter;
pub use self::text::TextUnderlinePosition;
pub use self::text::InitialLetter;
pub use self::text::LetterSpacing;
pub use self::text::LineBreak;
pub use self::text::LineHeight;
pub use self::text::OverflowWrap;
pub use self::text::RubyPosition;
pub use self::text::TextOverflow;
pub use self::text::WordBreak;
pub use self::text::WordSpacing;
pub use self::text::TextAlign;
pub use self::text::TextAlignLast;
pub use self::text::TextEmphasisPosition;
pub use self::text::TextEmphasisStyle;
pub use self::text::TextDecorationLength;
pub use self::text::TextDecorationSkipInk;
pub use self::text::TextJustify;
pub use self::time::Time;
pub use self::transform::Rotate;
pub use self::transform::Scale;
pub use self::transform::Transform;
pub use self::transform::TransformOperation;
pub use self::transform::TransformOrigin;
pub use self::transform::TransformStyle;
pub use self::transform::Translate;
pub use self::ui::Cursor;
pub use self::ui::MozForceBrokenImageIcon;
pub use self::ui::UserSelect;
pub use super::specified::TextTransform;
pub use super::specified::ViewportVariant;
pub use super::specified::BorderStyle;
pub use super::specified::TextDecorationLine;
pub use super::Auto;
pub use super::Either;
pub use super::None_;


Computed angles.
Computed types for CSS values related to backgrounds.
CSS handling for the computed value of basic-shapes
Computed types for CSS values related to borders.
Computed types for box properties.
Computed color values.
Computed types for the column properties.
Computed values for counter properties
Computed types for CSS Easing functions.
Computed types for CSS values related to effects.
Computed types for CSS values related to flexbox.
Computed values for font properties
CSS handling for the computed value of images
<length> computed values, and related ones.
<length-percentage> computed values, and related ones.
list computed values.
Computed types for CSS values that are related to motion path.
Computed values for outline properties
Computed @page at-rule properties and named-page style properties
Computed percentages.
CSS handling for the computed value of position values.
<ratio> computed values.
Computed types for CSS borders.
Resolution values:
Computed types for SVG properties.
Computed types for CSS values related to tables.
Computed types for text properties.
Computed time values.
Computed types for CSS values that are related to transformations.
Computed values for UI properties
Common handling for the computed value CSS url() values.


An App Unit, the fundamental unit of length in Servo. Usually 1/60th of a pixel (see AU_PER_PX)
An iterator over a slice of computed values
A Context is all the data a specified value could ever need to compute itself and be transformed to a computed value.



A trait to represent the conversion between computed and specified values.

Type Definitions

rect(…) | auto
rect(…) | auto
A wrapper of Number, but the value >= 1.
The computed value of a <grid-line>.
<grid-template-rows> | <grid-template-columns>
The computed value of a grid <track-size>+
A <integer> value.
A wrapper of Number, but the value >= 0.
A <number> value.
A type used for opacity.
A wrapper of Integer, but only accept a value >= 1.
A computed positive <integer> value or none.
The computed value of a grid <track-breadth>
The computed value of a grid <track-list> (could also be <auto-track-list> or <explicit-track-list>)
The computed value of a grid <track-size>
A wrapper of Number, but the value between 0 and 1