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Common values used in CSS.


pub use crate::servo::url::CssUrl;


Animated values.

Computed values.

Machinery to compute distances between animatable values.

Generic types that share their serialization implementations for both specified and computed values.

Resolved values. These are almost always computed values, but in some cases there are used values.

Specified values.


A CSS string stored as an Atom.

A string that is either shared (heap-allocated and reference-counted) or borrowed.

A generic CSS <ident> stored as an Atom.

A CSS parser that borrows its &str input, yields Tokens, and keeps track of nested blocks and functions.

A color with red, green, blue, and alpha components, in a byte each.

The line and column number for a given position within the input.


A struct representing one of two kinds of values.

Convenience void type to disable some properties and values through types.

One of the pieces the CSS input is broken into.


A trait that returns whether a given type is the auto value or not. So far only needed for background-size serialization, which special-cases auto.


Normalizes a float value to zero after a set of operations that might turn it into NaN.

Serialize an identifier which is represented as an atom.

Serialize a name which is represented as an Atom.

Write a CSS identifier, escaping characters as necessary.

Write a CSS name, like a custom property name.

Serialize a normalized value into percentage.

Type Definitions

A generic CSS <ident> stored as an Atom, for the default atom set.

A CSS float value.

A CSS integer value.