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Style sheets and their CSS rules.


pub use self::counter_style_rule::CounterStyleRule;
pub use self::font_face_rule::FontFaceRule;
pub use self::font_feature_values_rule::FontFeatureValuesRule;
pub use self::import_rule::ImportRule;
pub use self::keyframes_rule::KeyframesRule;
pub use self::origin::Origin;
pub use self::origin::OriginSet;
pub use self::origin::OriginSetIterator;
pub use self::origin::PerOrigin;
pub use self::origin::PerOriginIter;
pub use self::supports_rule::SupportsRule;
pub use self::viewport_rule::ViewportRule;


Cascading at-rule types and traits

@document rules initially in CSS Conditional Rules Module Level 3, @document has been postponed to the level 4. We implement the prefixed @-moz-document.

The @import at-rule.

Keyframes: https://drafts.csswg.org/css-animations/#keyframes

loader 🔒

The stylesheet loader is the abstraction used to trigger network requests for @import rules.

media_rule 🔒

An @media urle.

The @namespace at-rule.

page_rule 🔒

A @page rule.

rule_list 🔒

A list of CSS rules.

Parsing of the stylesheet contents.

An iterator over a list of rules.

style_rule 🔒

A style rule.

stylesheet 🔒

The @viewport at-rule and meta element.


A filter that processes all the rules in a rule list.

A list of CSS rules.

A @-moz-document rule

A simple wrapper over an Arc<Stylesheet>, with pointer comparison, and suitable for its use in a StylesheetSet.

A struct that represents the condition that a rule applies to the document.

The information we need particularly to do CSSOM insertRule stuff.

An @media urle.

A @namespace rule.

A set of namespaces applying to a given stylesheet.

A @page rule.

An iterator over a list of rules.

A struct to hold the data relevant to style sheet sanitization.

A style rule, with selectors and declarations.

The structure servo uses to represent a stylesheet.

The contents of a given stylesheet. This effectively maps to a StyleSheetInner in Gecko.

The parser for the top-level rules in a stylesheet.

This structure holds the user-agent and user stylesheets.


Whether @import rules are allowed.

The CORS mode used for a CSS load.

A CSS rule.

The kind of sanitization to use when parsing a stylesheet.

The current state of the parser.



A trait to implement helpers for Arc<Locked<CssRules>>.

A trait to represent a given stylesheet in a document.

The stylesheet loader is the abstraction used to trigger network requests for @import rules.

Type Definitions

An iterator over all the effective rules of a stylesheet.

Extra data that the backend may need to resolve url values.