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Selector matching.


Data resulting from performing the CSS cascade that is specific to a given origin.

All the computed information for all the stylesheets that apply to the document.

An iterator over the cascade data of a given document.

This struct holds data which users of Stylist may want to extract from stylesheets which can be done at the same time as updating.

An iterator over the different ExtraStyleData.

A set of rules for element and pseudo-elements.

SelectorMapEntry implementation for use in our revalidation selector map.

A rule, that wraps a style rule, but represents a single selector of the rule.

This structure holds all the selectors and device characteristics for a given document. The selectors are converted into Rules and sorted into SelectorMaps keyed off stylesheet origin and pseudo-element (see CascadeData).

A selector visitor implementation that collects all the state the Stylist cares about a selector.

A wrapper over a DocumentStylesheetSet that can be Sync, since it’s only used and exposed via mutable methods in the Stylist.

A cache of computed user-agent data, to be shared across documents.


Whether author styles are enabled.

What cascade levels to include when styling elements.


A function to be able to test the revalidation stuff.

Type Definitions

PartMap 🔒

The type of the stylesheets that the stylist contains.