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Traversing the DOM tree; the bloom filter.


A per-traversal-level chunk of data. This is sent down by the traversal, and currently only holds the dom depth for the bloom filter.

We use this structure, rather than just returning a boolean from pre_traverse, to enfore that callers process root invalidations before starting the traversal.


A global variable holding the state of is_servo_nonincremental_layout(). See #22854.


A DOM Traversal trait, that is used to generically implement styling for Gecko and Servo.


Clear style data for all the subtree under root (but not for root itself).

Calculates the style for a single node.

Manually resolve style by sequentially walking up the parent chain to the first styled Element, ignoring pending restyles. The resolved style is made available via a callback, and can be dropped by the time this function returns in the display:none subtree case.