Module style::values::animated

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Animated values.

Some values, notably colors, cannot be interpolated directly with their computed values and need yet another intermediate representation. This module’s raison d’être is to ultimately contain all these types.


  • Animated types for CSS colors.
  • Animated types for CSS values related to effects.
  • font 🔒
    Animation implementation for various font-related types.
  • grid 🔒
    Animation implementation for various grid-related types.
  • Lists have various ways of being animated, this module implements them.
  • svg 🔒
    Animation implementations for various SVG-related types.
  • Animated types for transform.




  • Animate from one value to another.
  • Conversion between computed values and intermediate values for animations.
  • Returns a value similar to self that represents zero.


  • A helper function to animate two multiplicative factor.
  • A comparator to sort PropertyIds such that physical longhands are sorted before logical longhands and shorthands, shorthands with fewer components are sorted before shorthands with more components, and otherwise shorthands are sorted by IDL name as defined by [Web Animations][property-order].