pub type FontVariationSettings = FontSettings<VariationValue<Number>>;
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The computed value for font-variation-settings.

Aliased Type§

struct FontVariationSettings(pub Box<[VariationValue<f32>]>);


§0: Box<[VariationValue<f32>]>

Trait Implementations§


impl Animate for FontVariationSettings

Note that the ComputedValue implementation will already have sorted and de-dup’d the lists of settings, so we can just iterate over the two lists together and animate their individual values.


fn animate(&self, other: &Self, procedure: Procedure) -> Result<Self, ()>

Animate a value towards another one, given an animation procedure.

impl ComputeSquaredDistance for FontVariationSettings


fn compute_squared_distance(&self, other: &Self) -> Result<SquaredDistance, ()>

Computes the squared distance between two animatable values.

impl ToAnimatedZero for FontVariationSettings


fn to_animated_zero(&self) -> Result<Self, ()>

Returns a value that, when added with an underlying value, will produce the underlying value. This is used for SMIL animation’s “by-animation” where SMIL first interpolates from the zero value to the ‘by’ value, and then adds the result to the underlying value. Read more