Module style::values::computed::font

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Computed values for font properties


pub use crate::values::computed::Length as MozScriptMinSize;
pub use crate::values::specified::font::FontSynthesis;
pub use crate::values::specified::font::MozScriptSizeMultiplier;
pub use crate::values::specified::font::XLang;
pub use crate::values::specified::font::XTextZoom;
pub use crate::values::specified::Integer as SpecifiedInteger;



The name of a font family of choice.
Specifies a prioritized list of font family names or generic family names.
A list of font families.
font-language-override can only have a single three-letter OpenType “language system” tag, so we should be able to compute it and store it as a 32-bit integer (see
The computed value of font-size
A value for the font-stretch property per:
A wrapper over an Angle, that handles clamping to the appropriate range for font-style animation.
A value for the font-weight property per:


Font family names must either be given quoted as strings, or unquoted as a sequence of one or more identifiers.
A generic font-family name.
A set of faces that vary in weight, width or slope. cbindgen:derive-mut-casts=true


Type Definitions

Use FontSettings as computed type of FontFeatureSettings.
Preserve the readability of text when font fallback occurs
The computed value of font-style.
Use VariantAlternatesList as computed type of FontVariantAlternates
Use VariantEastAsian as computed type of FontVariantEastAsian
Use VariantLigatures as computed type of FontVariantLigatures
Use VariantNumeric as computed type of FontVariantNumeric
The computed value for font-variation-settings.
The computed value of the math-depth property.