Type Alias style::values::computed::TrackList

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pub type TrackList = TrackList<LengthPercentage, Integer>;
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The computed value of a grid <track-list> (could also be <auto-track-list> or <explicit-track-list>)

Aliased Type§

struct TrackList {
    pub auto_repeat_index: usize,
    pub values: OwnedSlice<GenericTrackListValue<LengthPercentage, i32>>,
    pub line_names: OwnedSlice<OwnedSlice<CustomIdent>>,


§auto_repeat_index: usize

The index in values where our <auto-repeat> value is, if in bounds.

§values: OwnedSlice<GenericTrackListValue<LengthPercentage, i32>>

A vector of <track-size> | <track-repeat> values.

§line_names: OwnedSlice<OwnedSlice<CustomIdent>>

<line-names> accompanying <track-size> | <track-repeat> values.

If there’s no <line-names>, then it’s represented by an empty vector. For N values, there will be N+1 <line-names>, and so this vector’s length is always one value more than that of the <track-size>.

Trait Implementations§


impl Animate for TrackList


fn animate(&self, other: &Self, procedure: Procedure) -> Result<Self, ()>

Animate a value towards another one, given an animation procedure.