Module style::values::computed::length

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<length> computed values, and related ones.


pub use super::image::Image;
pub use super::length_percentage::LengthPercentage;
pub use super::length_percentage::NonNegativeLengthPercentage;
pub use crate::values::specified::url::UrlOrNone;
pub use crate::values::specified::Angle;
pub use crate::values::specified::BorderStyle;
pub use crate::values::specified::Time;


Some boilerplate to share between negative and non-negative length-percentage or auto.


The computed <length> value.

Type Definitions

An alias of computed <length> value.
Either a computed <length> or the auto keyword.
Either a computed <length> or a <number> value.
A computed type for <length-percentage> | auto.
A computed value for max-width or min-height property.
A wrapper of Length, whose value must be >= 0.
Either a non-negative <length> or the auto keyword.
Either a non-negative <length> or a <number>.
A wrapper of LengthPercentageOrAuto, whose value must be >= 0.
Either a computed NonNegativeLengthPercentage or the normal keyword.
A computed value for min-width, min-height, width or height property.