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This library safely implements WebGPU on native platforms. It is designed for integration into browsers, as well as wrapping into other language-specific user-friendly libraries.


conv 🔒
Allocating resource ids, and tracking the resources they refer to.
Lazy initialization of texture and buffer memory.
track 🔒
Resource State and Lifetime Trackers
validation 🔒


Define an exported macro named $public that expands to an expression if the feature $feature is enabled, or to a panic otherwise.
Dispatch on an Id’s backend to a backend-generic method.


Information needed to decide when it’s safe to free some wgpu-core resource.
Reference count object that tracks multiple references. Unlike RefCount, it’s manually inc()/dec() called.
RefCount 🔒
Reference count object that is 1:1 with each reference.
Stored 🔒




Type Definitions

Epoch 🔒
Fast hash map used internally.
Fast hash set used internally.
Index 🔒
The index of a queue submission.