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An implementation of the Fetch specification
Image handling.
Implementation of public domain matching.
The Response object resulting from a fetch operation


A fetch task that discards all data it’s sent, useful when speculatively prefetching data that we don’t need right now, but might need in the future.
Metadata about a loaded resource, such as is obtained from HTTP headers.


The creator of a given cookie
IPC channels to communicate with the script thread about network or DOM events.
A loading context, for context-specific sniffing, as defined in
Network errors that have to be exported out of the loaders
Policies for providing a referrer header for a request


Abstraction of the ability to send a particular type of message, used by net_traits::ResourceThreads to ease the use its IpcSender sub-fields XXX: If this trait will be used more in future, some auto derive might be appealing


Instruct the resource thread to make a new request.
Normalize slice, as defined by the Fetch Spec.

Type Definitions

Handle to a resource thread