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The servo test application.

Creates a Servo instance with a simple implementation of the compositor’s WindowMethods to create a working web browser.

This browser’s implementation of WindowMethods is built on top of winit, the cross-platform windowing library.

For the engine itself look next door in components/servo/


app 🔒
Application entry point, runs the event loop.
backtrace 🔒
Similar to println!("{:?}", Backtrace::new()), but doesn’t allocate.
browser 🔒
egui_glue 🔒
A modified version of EguiGlow from egui_glow 0.22.0 that retains its shapes, allowing EguiGlow::paint to be called multiple times.
embedder 🔒
Implements the global methods required by Servo (not window/gl/compositor related).
An event loop implementation that works in headless mode.
A winit window implementation.
A headless window implementation.
keyutils 🔒
main2 🔒
parser 🔒
prefs 🔒
resources 🔒
Definition of Window. Implemented by headless and headed windows.