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pub use driver::parse_document;
pub use driver::parse_fragment;
pub use driver::ParseOpts;
pub use driver::Parser;
pub use serialize::serialize;


The BufferQueue struct and helper types.
Data that is known at compile-time and hard-coded into the binary.
High-level interface to the parser.
Types for tag and attribute names, and tree-builder functionality.
macros 🔒
This module contains a single struct SmallCharSet. See its documentation for details.
The HTML5 tokenizer.
The HTML5 tree builder.
util 🔒


Helper to quickly create an expanded name.
Takes a local name as a string and returns its key in the string cache.
Takes a namespace prefix string and returns its key in a string cache.
Takes a namespace url string and returns its key in a string cache.
Maps the input of namespace_prefix! to the output of namespace_url!.
Create a SmallCharSet, with each space-separated number stored in the set.


A tag attribute, e.g. class="test" in <div class="test" ...>.
An expanded name, containing the tag and the namespace.
A fully qualified name (with a namespace), used to depict names of tags and attributes.
Represents a set of “small characters”, those with Unicode scalar values less than 64.


Type Definitions