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This module contains shared types and messages for use by devtools/script. The traits are here instead of in script so that the devtools crate can be modified independently of the rest of Servo.



  • A thin atomically-reference-counted slice.
  • Types used to access the DOM from style calculation.
  • A replacement for Box<[T]> that cbindgen can understand.
  • A replacement for Box<str> that has a defined layout for FFI.
  • Value information for devtools.
  • Helper types and traits for the handling of CSS values.


  • Geometry in the coordinate system of the render target (screen or intermediate surface) in physical pixels.
  • The mode to use when parsing values.
  • Represents a mobile style pinch zoom factor. TODO(gw): Once WR supports pinch zoom, use a type directly from webrender_api.



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