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Numeric traits for generic mathematics


The num-traits crate is tested for rustc 1.31 and greater.


pub use crate::bounds::Bounded;
pub use crate::float::Float;
pub use crate::float::FloatConst;
pub use crate::cast::cast;
pub use crate::cast::AsPrimitive;
pub use crate::cast::FromPrimitive;
pub use crate::cast::NumCast;
pub use crate::cast::ToPrimitive;
pub use crate::identities::one;
pub use crate::identities::zero;
pub use crate::identities::One;
pub use crate::identities::Zero;
pub use crate::int::PrimInt;
pub use crate::ops::bytes::FromBytes;
pub use crate::ops::bytes::ToBytes;
pub use crate::ops::checked::CheckedAdd;
pub use crate::ops::checked::CheckedDiv;
pub use crate::ops::checked::CheckedMul;
pub use crate::ops::checked::CheckedNeg;
pub use crate::ops::checked::CheckedRem;
pub use crate::ops::checked::CheckedShl;
pub use crate::ops::checked::CheckedShr;
pub use crate::ops::checked::CheckedSub;
pub use crate::ops::euclid::CheckedEuclid;
pub use crate::ops::euclid::Euclid;
pub use crate::ops::inv::Inv;
pub use crate::ops::mul_add::MulAdd;
pub use crate::ops::mul_add::MulAddAssign;
pub use crate::ops::saturating::Saturating;
pub use crate::ops::saturating::SaturatingAdd;
pub use crate::ops::saturating::SaturatingMul;
pub use crate::ops::saturating::SaturatingSub;
pub use crate::ops::wrapping::WrappingAdd;
pub use crate::ops::wrapping::WrappingMul;
pub use crate::ops::wrapping::WrappingNeg;
pub use crate::ops::wrapping::WrappingShl;
pub use crate::ops::wrapping::WrappingShr;
pub use crate::ops::wrapping::WrappingSub;
pub use crate::pow::checked_pow;
pub use crate::pow::pow;
pub use crate::pow::Pow;
pub use crate::sign::abs;
pub use crate::sign::abs_sub;
pub use crate::sign::signum;
pub use crate::sign::Signed;
pub use crate::sign::Unsigned;






The base trait for numeric types, covering 0 and 1 values, comparisons, basic numeric operations, and string conversion.
The trait for Num types which also implement assignment operators.
Generic trait for types implementing numeric assignment operators (like +=).
The trait for NumAssign types which also implement assignment operations taking the second operand by reference.
Generic trait for types implementing basic numeric operations
The trait for Num types which also implement numeric operations taking the second operand by reference.
The trait for Num references which implement numeric operations, taking the second operand either by value or by reference.


A value bounded by a minimum and a maximum
A value bounded by a maximum value
A value bounded by a minimum value