[][src]Struct servo::Servo

pub struct Servo<Window: WindowMethods + 'static> {
    compositor: IOCompositor<Window>,
    constellation_chan: Sender<ConstellationMsg>,
    embedder_receiver: EmbedderReceiver,
    embedder_events: Vec<(Option<BrowserId>, EmbedderMsg)>,
    profiler_enabled: bool,

The in-process interface to Servo.

It does everything necessary to render the web, primarily orchestrating the interaction between JavaScript, CSS layout, rendering, and the client window.

Clients create a Servo instance for a given reference-counted type implementing WindowMethods, which is the bridge to whatever application Servo is embedded in. Clients then create an event loop to pump messages between the embedding application and various browser components.


compositor: IOCompositor<Window>constellation_chan: Sender<ConstellationMsg>embedder_receiver: EmbedderReceiverembedder_events: Vec<(Option<BrowserId>, EmbedderMsg)>profiler_enabled: bool


impl<Window> Servo<Window> where
    Window: WindowMethods + 'static, 

pub fn new(window: Rc<Window>) -> Servo<Window>[src]

fn handle_window_event(&mut self, event: WindowEvent)[src]

fn receive_messages(&mut self)[src]

pub fn get_events(&mut self) -> Vec<(Option<BrowserId>, EmbedderMsg)>[src]

pub fn handle_events(&mut self, events: Vec<WindowEvent>)[src]

pub fn repaint_synchronously(&mut self)[src]

pub fn pinch_zoom_level(&self) -> f32[src]

pub fn setup_logging(&self)[src]

pub fn deinit(self)[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<Window> !Send for Servo<Window>

impl<Window> !Sync for Servo<Window>

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