Trait compositing::windowing::EmbedderMethods[][src]

pub trait EmbedderMethods {
    fn create_event_loop_waker(&mut self) -> Box<dyn EventLoopWaker>;

    fn register_webxr(&mut self, _: &mut MainThreadRegistry, _: EmbedderProxy) { ... }
fn get_user_agent_string(&self) -> Option<String> { ... } }

Required methods

fn create_event_loop_waker(&mut self) -> Box<dyn EventLoopWaker>[src]

Returns a thread-safe object to wake up the window’s event loop.

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Provided methods

fn register_webxr(&mut self, _: &mut MainThreadRegistry, _: EmbedderProxy)[src]

Register services with a WebXR Registry.

fn get_user_agent_string(&self) -> Option<String>[src]

Returns the user agent string to report in network requests.

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