Module webrender::batch

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  • Encapsulates the logic of building batches for items that are blended.
  • Supports (recursively) adding a list of primitives and pictures to an alpha batch builder. In future, it will support multiple dirty regions / slices, allowing the contents of a picture to be spliced into multiple batch builders.
  • Features of the batch that, if not requested, may allow a fast-path.
  • Optional textures that can be used as a source in the shaders. Textures that are not used by the batch are equal to TextureId::invalid().
  • The parameters that are specific to a kind of brush, used by the common method to add a brush to batches.
  • A list of clip instances to be drawn into a target.
  • Batcher managing draw calls into the clip mask (in the RT cache).
  • Each segment can optionally specify a per-segment texture set and one user data field.
  • Input textures for a primitive, without consideration of clip mask