Module webrender::profiler

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§Overlay profiler

§Profiler UI string syntax

Comma-separated list of of tokens with trailing and leading spaces trimmed. Each tokens can be:

  • A counter name with an optional prefix. The name corresponds to the displayed name (see the counters vector below.
    • By default (no prefix) the counter is shown as average + max over half a second.
    • With a ‘#’ prefix the counter is shown as a graph.
    • With a ‘*’ prefix the counter is shown as a change indicator.
    • Some special counters such as GPU time queries have specific visualizations ignoring prefixes.
  • A preset name to append the preset to the UI (see PROFILER_PRESETS).
  • An empty token to insert a bit of vertical space.
  • A ‘|’ token to start a new column.
  • A ‘_’ token to start a new row.






  • The current global profiler callbacks, if set by embedder.
  • Profiler UI string presets. Defined in the profiler UI string syntax, can contain other presets.