Static encoding_rs::BIG5

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pub static BIG5: &'static Encoding
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The Big5 encoding.

This is Big5 with HKSCS with mappings to more recent Unicode assignments instead of the Private Use Area code points that have been used historically. It is believed to be able to decode existing Web content in a way that makes sense.

To avoid form submissions generating data that Web servers don’t understand, the encoder doesn’t use the HKSCS byte sequences that precede the unextended Big5 in the lexical order.

Index visualization, Visualization of BMP coverage

This encoding is designed to be suited for decoding the Windows code page 950 and its HKSCS patched “951” variant such that the text makes sense, given assignments that Unicode has made after those encodings used Private Use Area characters.

This will change from static to const if Rust changes to make the referent of pub const FOO: &'static Encoding unique cross-crate, so don’t take the address of this static.