pub fn build_render_pass(
    src_pass: &Pass,
    screen_size: DeviceIntSize,
    ctx: &mut RenderTargetContext<'_, '_>,
    gpu_cache: &mut GpuCache,
    gpu_buffer_builder: &mut GpuBufferBuilder,
    render_tasks: &RenderTaskGraph,
    clip_store: &ClipStore,
    transforms: &mut TransformPalette,
    prim_headers: &mut PrimitiveHeaders,
    z_generator: &mut ZBufferIdGenerator,
    gpu_supports_fast_clears: bool,
    prim_instances: &[PrimitiveInstance],
    cmd_buffers: &CommandBufferList
) -> RenderPass
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Processes this pass to prepare it for rendering.

Among other things, this allocates output regions for each of our tasks (added via add_render_task) in a RenderTarget and assigns it into that target.