Module canvas_traits::webgl

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Description of a single active attribute.
Description of a single uniform block.
Description of a single active uniform.
Information about a WebGL program linking operation.
Entry point channel type used for sending WebGLMsg messages to the WebGL renderer.
Contains the WebGLCommand sender and information about a WebGLContext
Helper struct to send WebGLCommands to a specific WebGLContext.
Entry point type used in a Script Pipeline to get the WebGLChan to be used in that thread.
Defines the GLSL version supported by the WebGL backend contexts.
WebGL Threading API entry point that lives in the constellation.



Helper function that creates a WebGL channel (WebGLSender, WebGLReceiver) to be used in WebGLCommands.

Type Definitions

Result type for send()/recv() calls in in WebGLCommands.