Module style::values::specified::text

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Specified types for text properties.


  • Specified keyword values for the text-decoration-line property.
  • text-overflow. Specifies rendering when inline content overflows its line box edge.
  • Specified value of the text-transform property, stored in two parts: the case-related transforms (mutually exclusive, only one may be in effect), and others (non-exclusive).
  • Specified keyword values for non-case transforms in the text-transform property. (Non-exclusive.)
  • Specified keyword values for the text-underline-position property. (Non-exclusive, but not all combinations are allowed: the spec grammar gives auto | [ from-font | under ] || [ left | right ].)



Type Aliases§

  • A specified type for the initial-letter property.
  • A specified value for the letter-spacing property.
  • Implements type for text-decoration-thickness property
  • A specified value for the text-indent property which takes the grammar of [] && hanging? && each-line?
  • A specified value for the word-spacing property.