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The script runtime contains common traits and structs commonly used by the script thread, the dom, and the worker threads.


A wrapper around a JSContext that is Send, enabling an interrupt to be requested from a thread other than the one running JS using that context.


Common messages used to control the event loops in both the script and the worker




A cloneable interface for communicating with an event loop.
An interface for receiving ScriptMsg values in an event loop. Used for synchronous DOM APIs that need to abstract over multiple kinds of event loops (worker/main thread) with different Receiver interfaces.


consume_stream 🔒
Implements the steps to compile webassembly response mentioned here
empty 🔒
SM callback for promise job resolution. Adds a promise callback to the current global’s microtask queue.
get_size 🔒
in_range 🔒
servo_build_id 🔒