pub struct HTMLMediaElement {
Show 36 fields htmlelement: HTMLElement, network_state: Cell<NetworkState>, ready_state: Cell<ReadyState>, src_object: DomRefCell<Option<SrcObject>>, current_src: DomRefCell<String>, generation_id: Cell<u32>, fired_loadeddata_event: Cell<bool>, error: MutNullableDom<MediaError>, paused: Cell<bool>, defaultPlaybackRate: Cell<f64>, playbackRate: Cell<f64>, autoplaying: Cell<bool>, delaying_the_load_event_flag: DomRefCell<Option<LoadBlocker>>, pending_play_promises: DomRefCell<Vec<Rc<Promise>>>, in_flight_play_promises_queue: DomRefCell<VecDeque<(Box<[Rc<Promise>]>, Result<(), Error>)>>, player: DomRefCell<Option<Arc<Mutex<dyn Player>>>>, video_renderer: Arc<Mutex<MediaFrameRenderer>>, audio_renderer: DomRefCell<Option<Arc<Mutex<dyn AudioRenderer>>>>, show_poster: Cell<bool>, duration: Cell<f64>, playback_position: Cell<f64>, default_playback_start_position: Cell<f64>, volume: Cell<f64>, seeking: Cell<bool>, muted: Cell<bool>, resource_url: DomRefCell<Option<ServoUrl>>, blob_url: DomRefCell<Option<ServoUrl>>, played: DomRefCell<TimeRangesContainer>, audio_tracks_list: MutNullableDom<AudioTrackList>, video_tracks_list: MutNullableDom<VideoTrackList>, text_tracks_list: MutNullableDom<TextTrackList>, next_timeupdate_event: Cell<Timespec>, current_fetch_context: DomRefCell<Option<HTMLMediaElementFetchContext>>, id: Cell<u64>, media_controls_id: DomRefCell<Option<String>>, player_context: WindowGLContext,


htmlelement: HTMLElementnetwork_state: Cell<NetworkState>ready_state: Cell<ReadyState>src_object: DomRefCell<Option<SrcObject>>current_src: DomRefCell<String>generation_id: Cell<u32>

Incremented whenever tasks associated with this element are cancelled.

fired_loadeddata_event: Cell<bool>


Reset to false every time the load algorithm is invoked.

error: MutNullableDom<MediaError>paused: Cell<bool>defaultPlaybackRate: Cell<f64>playbackRate: Cell<f64>autoplaying: Cell<bool>delaying_the_load_event_flag: DomRefCell<Option<LoadBlocker>>pending_play_promises: DomRefCell<Vec<Rc<Promise>>>in_flight_play_promises_queue: DomRefCell<VecDeque<(Box<[Rc<Promise>]>, Result<(), Error>)>>

Play promises which are soon to be fulfilled by a queued task.

player: DomRefCell<Option<Arc<Mutex<dyn Player>>>>video_renderer: Arc<Mutex<MediaFrameRenderer>>audio_renderer: DomRefCell<Option<Arc<Mutex<dyn AudioRenderer>>>>show_poster: Cell<bool>


duration: Cell<f64>


playback_position: Cell<f64>


default_playback_start_position: Cell<f64>


volume: Cell<f64>


seeking: Cell<bool>


muted: Cell<bool>


resource_url: DomRefCell<Option<ServoUrl>>

URL of the media resource, if any.

blob_url: DomRefCell<Option<ServoUrl>>

URL of the media resource, if the resource is set through the src_object attribute and it is a blob.

played: DomRefCell<TimeRangesContainer>


audio_tracks_list: MutNullableDom<AudioTrackList>video_tracks_list: MutNullableDom<VideoTrackList>text_tracks_list: MutNullableDom<TextTrackList>


next_timeupdate_event: Cell<Timespec>

Time of last timeupdate notification.

current_fetch_context: DomRefCell<Option<HTMLMediaElementFetchContext>>

Latest fetch request context.

id: Cell<u64>

Player Id reported the player thread

media_controls_id: DomRefCell<Option<String>>

Media controls id. In order to workaround the lack of privileged JS context, we secure the the access to the “privileged” document.servoGetMediaControls(id) API by keeping a whitelist of media controls identifiers.

player_context: WindowGLContext


Marks that element as delaying the load event or not.

Nothing happens if the element was already delaying the load event and we pass true to that method again.



Queues a task to run the dedicated media source failure steps.

Appends a promise to the list of pending play promises.

Takes the pending play promises.

The result with which these promises will be fulfilled is passed here and this method returns nothing because we actually just move the current list of pending play promises to the in_flight_play_promises_queue field.

Each call to this method must be followed by a call to fulfill_in_flight_play_promises, to actually fulfill the promises which were taken and moved to the in-flight queue.

Fulfills the next in-flight play promises queue after running a closure.

See the comment on take_pending_play_promises for why this method does not take a list of promises to fulfill. Callers cannot just pop the front list off of in_flight_play_promises_queue and later fulfill the promises because that would mean putting #[allow(unrooted_must_root)] on even more functions, potentially hiding actual safety bugs.


By default the audio is rendered through the audio sink automatically selected by the servo-media Player instance. However, in some cases, like the WebAudio MediaElementAudioSourceNode, we need to set a custom audio renderer.

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This is used in a type assertion to ensure that the source and webidls agree as to what the parent type is

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