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A property declaration block.


A set of property declarations including animations and transitions.
Iterator for AnimationValue to be generated from PropertyDeclarationBlock.
Iterator over (PropertyDeclaration, Importance) pairs.
Overridden declarations are skipped.
A struct to parse property declarations.
A struct describes how a declaration block should be updated by a SourcePropertyDeclaration.


A convenient enum to represent different kinds of stuff that can represent a value in the serialization of a property declaration.
An enum describes how a declaration should update the declaration block.
A declaration importance.


Append a given kind of appendable value to a serialization.
Append a given property and value pair to a serialization.
Potentially appends whitespace after the first (property: value;) pair.
Based on NonMozillaVendorIdentifier from Gecko’s CSS parser.
Parse a given property declaration. Can result in multiple PropertyDeclarations when expanding a shorthand, for example.
Parse a list of property declarations and return a property declaration block.
A helper to parse the style attribute of an element, in order for this to be shared between Servo and Gecko.

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