pub fn kmerge_by<I, F>(
    iterable: I,
    less_than: F
) -> KMergeBy<<I::Item as IntoIterator>::IntoIter, F>Notable traits for KMergeBy<I, F>impl<I, F> Iterator for KMergeBy<I, F> where
    I: Iterator,
    F: FnMut(&I::Item, &I::Item) -> bool
type Item = I::Item;
    I: IntoIterator,
    I::Item: IntoIterator,
    F: FnMut(&<<I as IntoIterator>::Item as IntoIterator>::Item, &<<I as IntoIterator>::Item as IntoIterator>::Item) -> bool
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Create an iterator that merges elements of the contained iterators.

Equivalent to iterable.into_iter().kmerge_by(less_than).