Module egui::data::input

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The input needed by egui.


  • A file dropped into egui.
  • A file about to be dropped into egui.
  • A keyboard shortcut, e.g. Ctrl+Alt+W.
  • Names of different modifier keys.
  • State of the modifier keys. These must be fed to egui.
  • What the integrations provides to egui at the start of each frame.
  • this is a u64 as values of this kind can always be obtained by hashing
  • Unique identification of a touch occurrence (finger or pen or …). A Touch ID is valid until the finger is lifted. A new ID is used for the next touch.


  • An input event generated by the integration.
  • Keyboard keys.
  • The unit associated with the numeric value of a mouse wheel event
  • Mouse button (or similar for touch input)
  • In what phase a touch event is in.