Module egui::containers

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Containers are pieces of the UI which wraps other pieces of UI. Examples: Window, ScrollArea, Resize, SidePanel, etc.

For instance, a Frame adds a frame and background to some contained UI.



  • area 🔒
    Area is a Ui that has no parent, it floats on the background. It has no frame or own size. It is potentially movable. It is the foundation for windows and popups.
  • combo_box 🔒
  • frame 🔒
    Frame container
  • Panels are Ui regions taking up e.g. the left side of a Ui or screen.
  • Show popup windows, tooltips, context menus etc.
  • resize 🔒
  • Coordinate system names:
  • window 🔒


  • An area on the screen that can be moved by dragging.
  • A drop-down selection menu with a descriptive label.
  • Add a background, frame and/or margin to a rectangular background of a Ui.
  • A region that can be resized by dragging the bottom right corner.
  • Builder for a floating window which can be dragged, closed, collapsed, resized and scrolled (off by default).


  • Indicate whether or not a popup will be shown above or below the box.

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