Trait zerocopy::ByteSlice

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pub unsafe trait ByteSlice: Deref<Target = [u8]> + Sized + ByteSliceSealed {
    // Required method
    fn split_at(self, mid: usize) -> (Self, Self);

    // Provided method
    fn as_ptr(&self) -> *const u8 { ... }
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A mutable or immutable reference to a byte slice.

ByteSlice abstracts over the mutability of a byte slice reference, and is implemented for various special reference types such as Ref<[u8]> and RefMut<[u8]>.

Note that, while it would be technically possible, ByteSlice is not implemented for Vec<u8>, as the only way to implement the split_at method would involve reallocation, and split_at must be a very cheap operation in order for the utilities in this crate to perform as designed.

Required Methods§


fn split_at(self, mid: usize) -> (Self, Self)

Splits the slice at the midpoint.

x.split_at(mid) returns x[..mid] and x[mid..].


x.split_at(mid) panics if mid > x.len().

Provided Methods§


fn as_ptr(&self) -> *const u8

Gets a raw pointer to the first byte in the slice.

Implementations on Foreign Types§


impl<'a> ByteSlice for &'a [u8]


impl<'a> ByteSlice for Ref<'a, [u8]>


impl<'a> ByteSlice for RefMut<'a, [u8]>


impl<'a> ByteSlice for &'a mut [u8]