Function tungstenite::client::connect

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pub fn connect<Req: IntoClientRequest>(
    request: Req
) -> Result<(WebSocket<MaybeTlsStream<TcpStream>>, Response)>
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Connect to the given WebSocket in blocking mode.

The URL may be either ws:// or wss://. To support wss:// URLs, feature native-tls or rustls-tls must be turned on.

This function “just works” for those who wants a simple blocking solution similar to std::net::TcpStream. If you want a non-blocking or other custom stream, call client instead.

This function uses native_tls or rustls to do TLS depending on the feature flags enabled. If you want to use other TLS libraries, use client instead. There is no need to enable any of the *-tls features if you don’t call connect since it’s the only function that uses them.