Trait tracing_core::stdlib::io::IsTerminal

1.70.0 · source ·
pub trait IsTerminal: Sealed {
    // Required method
    fn is_terminal(&self) -> bool;
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Trait to determine if a descriptor/handle refers to a terminal/tty.

Required Methods§


fn is_terminal(&self) -> bool

Returns true if the descriptor/handle refers to a terminal/tty.

On platforms where Rust does not know how to detect a terminal yet, this will return false. This will also return false if an unexpected error occurred, such as from passing an invalid file descriptor.

Platform-specific behavior

On Windows, in addition to detecting consoles, this currently uses some heuristics to detect older msys/cygwin/mingw pseudo-terminals based on device name: devices with names starting with msys- or cygwin- and ending in -pty will be considered terminals. Note that this may change in the future.