Struct servo::opts::Opts[][src]

pub struct Opts {
Show 55 fields pub is_running_problem_test: bool, pub url: Option<ServoUrl>, pub tile_size: usize, pub time_profiling: Option<OutputOptions>, pub time_profiler_trace_path: Option<String>, pub mem_profiler_period: Option<f64>, pub nonincremental_layout: bool, pub userscripts: Option<String>, pub user_stylesheets: Vec<(Vec<u8, Global>, ServoUrl), Global>, pub output_file: Option<String>, pub replace_surrogates: bool, pub gc_profile: bool, pub load_webfonts_synchronously: bool, pub headless: bool, pub hard_fail: bool, pub bubble_inline_sizes_separately: bool, pub show_debug_fragment_borders: bool, pub show_debug_parallel_layout: bool, pub enable_text_antialiasing: bool, pub enable_subpixel_text_antialiasing: bool, pub enable_canvas_antialiasing: bool, pub trace_layout: bool, pub profile_script_events: bool, pub devtools_port: u16, pub devtools_server_enabled: bool, pub webdriver_port: Option<u16>, pub initial_window_size: Size2D<u32, DeviceIndependentPixel>, pub multiprocess: bool, pub background_hang_monitor: bool, pub sandbox: bool, pub random_pipeline_closure_probability: Option<f32>, pub random_pipeline_closure_seed: Option<usize>, pub dump_style_tree: bool, pub dump_rule_tree: bool, pub dump_flow_tree: bool, pub dump_display_list: bool, pub dump_display_list_json: bool, pub relayout_event: bool, pub disable_share_style_cache: bool, pub style_sharing_stats: bool, pub convert_mouse_to_touch: bool, pub exit_after_load: bool, pub webrender_stats: bool, pub webrender_record: bool, pub webrender_batch: bool, pub shaders_dir: Option<PathBuf>, pub precache_shaders: bool, pub config_dir: Option<PathBuf>, pub full_backtraces: bool, pub signpost: bool, pub is_printing_version: bool, pub certificate_path: Option<String>, pub unminify_js: bool, pub local_script_source: Option<String>, pub print_pwm: bool,
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Global flags for Servo, currently set on the command line.


is_running_problem_test: boolurl: Option<ServoUrl>

The initial URL to load.

tile_size: usize

The maximum size of each tile in pixels (-s).

time_profiling: Option<OutputOptions>

None to disable the time profiler or Some to enable it with:

time_profiler_trace_path: Option<String>

When the profiler is enabled, this is an optional path to dump a self-contained HTML file visualizing the traces as a timeline.

mem_profiler_period: Option<f64>

None to disable the memory profiler or Some with an interval in seconds to enable it and cause it to produce output on that interval (-m).

nonincremental_layout: bool

True to turn off incremental layout.

userscripts: Option<String>

Where to load userscripts from, if any. An empty string will load from the resources/user-agent-js directory, and if the option isn’t passed userscripts won’t be loaded

user_stylesheets: Vec<(Vec<u8, Global>, ServoUrl), Global>output_file: Option<String>replace_surrogates: bool

Replace unpaired surrogates in DOM strings with U+FFFD. See

gc_profile: bool

Log GC passes and their durations.

load_webfonts_synchronously: bool

Load web fonts synchronously to avoid non-deterministic network-driven reflows.

headless: boolhard_fail: bool

True to exit on thread failure instead of displaying about:failure.

bubble_inline_sizes_separately: bool

True if we should bubble intrinsic widths sequentially (-b). If this is true, then intrinsic widths are computed as a separate pass instead of during flow construction. You may wish to turn this flag on in order to benchmark style recalculation against other browser engines.

show_debug_fragment_borders: bool

True if we should show borders on all fragments for debugging purposes (--show-debug-fragment-borders).

show_debug_parallel_layout: bool

True if we should paint borders around flows based on which thread painted them.

enable_text_antialiasing: bool

If set with –disable-text-aa, disable antialiasing on fonts. This is primarily useful for reftests where pixel perfect results are required when using fonts such as the Ahem font for layout tests.

enable_subpixel_text_antialiasing: bool

If set with –disable-subpixel, use subpixel antialiasing for glyphs. In the future this will likely become the default, but for now it’s opt-in while we work out any bugs and improve the implementation.

enable_canvas_antialiasing: bool

If set with –disable-canvas-aa, disable antialiasing on the HTML canvas element. Like –disable-text-aa, this is useful for reftests where pixel perfect results are required.

trace_layout: bool

True if each step of layout is traced to an external JSON file for debugging purposes. Setting this implies sequential layout and paint.

profile_script_events: bool

Periodically print out on which events script threads spend their processing time.

devtools_port: u16

Port number to start a server to listen to remote Firefox devtools connections. 0 for random port.

devtools_server_enabled: bool

Start the devtools server at startup

webdriver_port: Option<u16>

None to disable WebDriver or Some with a port number to start a server to listen to remote WebDriver commands.

initial_window_size: Size2D<u32, DeviceIndependentPixel>

The initial requested size of the window.

multiprocess: bool

Whether we’re running in multiprocess mode.

background_hang_monitor: bool

Whether we want background hang monitor enabled or not

sandbox: bool

Whether we’re running inside the sandbox.

random_pipeline_closure_probability: Option<f32>

Probability of randomly closing a pipeline, used for testing the hardening of the constellation.

random_pipeline_closure_seed: Option<usize>

The seed for the RNG used to randomly close pipelines, used for testing the hardening of the constellation.

dump_style_tree: bool

Dumps the DOM after restyle.

dump_rule_tree: bool

Dumps the rule tree.

dump_flow_tree: bool

Dumps the flow tree after a layout.

dump_display_list: bool

Dumps the display list after a layout.

dump_display_list_json: bool

Dumps the display list in JSON form after a layout.

relayout_event: bool

Emits notifications when there is a relayout.

disable_share_style_cache: bool

Whether Style Sharing Cache is used

style_sharing_stats: bool

Whether to show in stdout style sharing cache stats after a restyle.

convert_mouse_to_touch: bool

Translate mouse input into touch events.

exit_after_load: bool

True to exit after the page load (-x).

webrender_stats: bool

True to show webrender profiling stats on screen.

webrender_record: bool

True if webrender recording should be enabled.

webrender_batch: bool

True if webrender is allowed to batch draw calls as instances.

shaders_dir: Option<PathBuf>

Load shaders from disk.

precache_shaders: bool

True to compile all webrender shaders at init time. This is mostly useful when modifying the shaders, to ensure they all compile after each change is made.

config_dir: Option<PathBuf>

Directory for a default config directory

full_backtraces: boolsignpost: bool

True to use OS native signposting facilities. This makes profiling events (script activity, reflow, compositing, etc.) appear in on macOS.

is_printing_version: bool

Print the version and exit.

certificate_path: Option<String>

Path to SSL certificates.

unminify_js: bool

Unminify Javascript.

local_script_source: Option<String>

Directory path that was created with “unminify-js”

print_pwm: bool

Print Progressive Web Metrics to console.

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