pub trait IntoParallelRefIterator<'data> {
    type Iter: ParallelIterator<Item = Self::Item>;
    type Item: Send + 'data;

    // Required method
    fn par_iter(&'data self) -> Self::Iter;
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IntoParallelRefIterator implements the conversion to a ParallelIterator, providing shared references to the data.

This is a parallel version of the iter() method defined by various collections.

This trait is automatically implemented for I where &I: IntoParallelIterator. In most cases, users will want to implement IntoParallelIterator rather than implement this trait directly.

Required Associated Types§


type Iter: ParallelIterator<Item = Self::Item>

The type of the parallel iterator that will be returned.


type Item: Send + 'data

The type of item that the parallel iterator will produce. This will typically be an &'data T reference type.

Required Methods§


fn par_iter(&'data self) -> Self::Iter

Converts self into a parallel iterator.

use rayon::prelude::*;

let v: Vec<_> = (0..100).collect();
assert_eq!(v.par_iter().sum::<i32>(), 100 * 99 / 2);

// `v.par_iter()` is shorthand for `(&v).into_par_iter()`,
// producing the exact same references.
         .all(|(a, b)| std::ptr::eq(a, b)));