Module ipc_channel::router

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Routers allow converting IPC channels to crossbeam channels. The RouterProxy provides various methods to register IpcReceiver<T>s. The router will then either call the appropriate callback or route the message to a crossbeam Sender<T> or Receiver<T>. You should use the global ROUTER to access the RouterProxy methods (via ROUTER’s Deref for RouterProxy.


  • Global object wrapping a RouterProxy. Add routes (add_route), or convert IpcReceiver to crossbeam channels (e.g. route_ipc_receiver_to_new_crossbeam_receiver)
  • Router 🔒
    Router runs in its own thread listening for events. Adds events to its IpcReceiverSet and listens for events using select().
  • A RouterProxy provides methods for talking to the router. Calling new automatically spins up a router thread which waits for events on its registered IpcReceiver<T>s. The RouterProxy’s methods communicate with the running router thread to register new IpcReceiver<T>’s


Type Aliases

  • Function to call when a new event is received from the corresponding receiver.