macro_rules! define_backend_caller {
    { $public:ident, $private:ident, $feature:literal if $cfg:meta } => { ... };
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Define an exported macro named $public that expands to an expression if the feature $feature is enabled, or to a panic otherwise.

This is used in the definition of gfx_select!, to dispatch the call to the appropriate backend, but panic if that backend was not compiled in.

For a call like this:

define_backend_caller! { name, private, "feature" if cfg_condition }

define a macro name, used like this:


that expands to expr if #[cfg(cfg_condition)] is enabled, or a panic otherwise. The panic message complains that "feature" is not enabled.

Because of odd technical limitations on exporting macros expanded by other macros, you must supply both a public-facing name for the macro and a private name, $private, which is never used outside this macro. For details: