Function tracing_core::stdlib::mem::variant_count

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pub fn variant_count<T>() -> usize
🔬This is a nightly-only experimental API. (variant_count #73662)
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Returns the number of variants in the enum type T.

If T is not an enum, calling this function will not result in undefined behavior, but the return value is unspecified. Equally, if T is an enum with more variants than usize::MAX the return value is unspecified. Uninhabited variants will be counted.

Note that an enum may be expanded with additional variants in the future as a non-breaking change, for example if it is marked #[non_exhaustive], which will change the result of this function.


use std::mem;

enum Void {}
enum Foo { A(&'static str), B(i32), C(i32) }

assert_eq!(mem::variant_count::<Void>(), 0);
assert_eq!(mem::variant_count::<Foo>(), 3);

assert_eq!(mem::variant_count::<Option<!>>(), 2);
assert_eq!(mem::variant_count::<Result<!, !>>(), 2);