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Utilities for the implementation of JSAPI proxy handlers.


Property and method specs that correspond to the elements of CrossOriginProperties(O).



Append « "then", @@toStringTag, @@hasInstance, @@isConcatSpreadable » to props. This is used to implement CrossOriginOwnPropertyKeys.
Implementation of CrossOriginGet.
Evaluate CrossOriginGetOwnPropertyHelper(proxy, id) != null. SpiderMonkey-specific.
Implementation of CrossOriginSet.
Defines an expando on the given proxy.
Deletes an expando off the given proxy.
Get the holder for cross-origin properties for the current global of the JSContext, creating one and storing it in a slot of the proxy object if it doesn’t exist yet.
Get the expando object, or create it if it doesn’t exist yet. Fails on JSAPI failure.
Get the expando object, or null if there is none.
If proxy (underneath any functionally-transparent wrapper proxies) has as its [[GetPrototypeOf]] trap the ordinary [[GetPrototypeOf]] behavior defined for ordinary objects, set *is_ordinary to true and store obj’s prototype in proto. Otherwise set *isOrdinary to false. In case of error, both outparams have unspecified value.
id_to_source 🔒
Initialize the infrastructure for DOM proxy objects.
Reports whether the object is Extensible
Implementation of [[GetPrototypeOf]] for Location.
Implementation of [[SetPrototypeOf]] for Location and WindowProxy.
Implementation of [[Set]] for Location.
Controls whether the Extensible bit can be changed
Report a cross-origin denial for a property, Always returns false, so it can be used as return report_cross_origin_denial(...);.
Set the property descriptor’s object to obj and set it to enumerable, and writable if readonly is true.
Determine if this id shadows any existing properties for this proxy.