pub unsafe trait HasRawDisplayHandle {
    // Required method
    fn raw_display_handle(&self) -> Result<RawDisplayHandle, HandleError>;
👎Deprecated: Use HasDisplayHandle instead
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Display that wraps around a raw display handle.


Users can safely assume that pointers and non-zero fields are valid, and it is up to the implementer of this trait to ensure that condition is upheld.

Despite that qualification, implementers should still make a best-effort attempt to fill in all available fields. If an implementation doesn’t, and a downstream user needs the field, it should try to derive the field from other fields the implementer does provide via whatever methods the platform provides.

The exact handles returned by raw_display_handle must remain consistent between multiple calls to raw_display_handle as long as not indicated otherwise by platform specific events.

Required Methods§


fn raw_display_handle(&self) -> Result<RawDisplayHandle, HandleError>

👎Deprecated: Use HasDisplayHandle instead