pub trait HasDisplayHandle {
    // Required method
    fn display_handle(&self) -> Result<DisplayHandle<'_>, HandleError>;
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A display that acts as a wrapper around a display handle.

Objects that implement this trait should be able to return a DisplayHandle for the display that they are associated with. This handle should last for the lifetime of the object, and should return an error if the application is inactive.

Implementors of this trait will be windowing systems, like winit and sdl2. These windowing systems should implement this trait on types that already implement HasRawDisplayHandle. It should be implemented by tying the lifetime of the DisplayHandle to the lifetime of the display object.

Users of this trait will include graphics libraries, like wgpu and glutin. These APIs should be generic over a type that implements HasDisplayHandle, and should use the DisplayHandle type to access the display handle.


The safety requirements of HasRawDisplayHandle apply here as well. To reiterate, the DisplayHandle must contain a valid window handle for its lifetime.

It is not possible to invalidate a DisplayHandle on any platform without additional unsafe code.

Note that these requirements are not enforced on HasDisplayHandle, rather, they are enforced on the constructors of DisplayHandle. This is because the HasDisplayHandle trait is safe to implement.

Required Methods§


fn display_handle(&self) -> Result<DisplayHandle<'_>, HandleError>

Get a handle to the display controller of the windowing system.

Implementations on Foreign Types§


impl<H: HasDisplayHandle + ?Sized> HasDisplayHandle for &H