Module markup5ever::interface

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Types for tag and attribute names, and tree-builder functionality.


pub use self::tree_builder::create_element;
pub use self::tree_builder::AppendNode;
pub use self::tree_builder::AppendText;
pub use self::tree_builder::ElementFlags;
pub use self::tree_builder::NodeOrText;
pub use self::tree_builder::LimitedQuirks;
pub use self::tree_builder::NoQuirks;
pub use self::tree_builder::Quirks;
pub use self::tree_builder::QuirksMode;
pub use self::tree_builder::NextParserState;
pub use self::tree_builder::Tracer;
pub use self::tree_builder::TreeSink;


This module contains functionality for managing the DOM, including adding/removing nodes.


A tag attribute, e.g. class="test" in <div class="test" ...>.
An expanded name, containing the tag and the namespace.
A fully qualified name (with a namespace), used to depict names of tags and attributes.