pub trait IntoEnumIterator: Sized {
    type Iterator: Iterator<Item = Self> + ExactSizeIterator + FusedIterator;

    // Required method
    fn into_enum_iter() -> Self::Iterator;
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Trait to iterate over the variants of a field-less enum.

Field-less (a.k.a. C-like) enums are enums whose variants don’t have additional data.

When deriving this trait for an enum named Foo, the associated type Iterator is a generated type named FooEnumIterator. This generated type has the same visibility as Foo. Variants are yielded in the order they are defined in the enum. The generated iterator type is Copy.


use enum_iterator::IntoEnumIterator;

#[derive(Clone, IntoEnumIterator, PartialEq)]
enum Direction {North, South, West, East}

fn main() {
        Direction::South, Direction::West, Direction::East].iter()

Required Associated Types§


type Iterator: Iterator<Item = Self> + ExactSizeIterator + FusedIterator

Type of the iterator over the variants.

Required Methods§


fn into_enum_iter() -> Self::Iterator

Returns an iterator over the variants.

Object Safety§

This trait is not object safe.