Struct webrender_api::RenderApi[][src]

pub struct RenderApi {
    api_sender: MsgSender<ApiMsg>,
    payload_sender: PayloadSender,
    namespace_id: IdNamespace,
    next_id: Cell<ResourceId>,



impl RenderApi

Gets the dimensions for the supplied glyph keys

Note: Internally, the internal texture cache doesn't store 'empty' textures (height or width = 0) This means that glyph dimensions e.g. for spaces (' ') will mostly be None.

Gets the glyph indices for the supplied string. These can be used to construct GlyphKeys.

Creates an ImageKey.

Add/remove/update resources such as images and fonts.

Create a new unique key that can be used for animated property bindings.

A helper method to send document messages.

A helper method to send document messages.

Does a hit test on display items in the specified document, at the given point. If a pipeline_id is specified, it is used to further restrict the hit results so that only items inside that pipeline are matched. If the HitTestFlags argument contains the FIND_ALL flag, then the vector of hit results will contain all display items that match, ordered from front to back.

Block until a round-trip to the scene builder thread has completed. This ensures that any transactions (including ones deferred to the scene builder thread) have been processed.

Save a capture of the current frame state for debugging.

Load a capture of the current frame state for debugging.

Trait Implementations

impl Drop for RenderApi

Executes the destructor for this type. Read more

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for RenderApi

impl !Sync for RenderApi