Module tracing::stdlib::os::unix::prelude

1.0.0 · source ·
Available on Unix only.
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A prelude for conveniently writing platform-specific code.

Includes all extension traits, and some important type definitions.


A borrowed file descriptor.
An owned file descriptor.


A trait to borrow the file descriptor from an underlying object.
A trait to extract the raw file descriptor from an underlying object.
Unix-specific extensions to the process::Command builder.
Unix-specific extension methods for fs::DirEntry.
Unix-specific extensions to process::ExitStatus and ExitStatusError.
Unix-specific extensions to fs::File.
Unix-specific extensions for fs::FileType.
A trait to express the ability to construct an object from a raw file descriptor.
A trait to express the ability to consume an object and acquire ownership of its raw file descriptor.
Unix-specific extensions to JoinHandle.
Unix-specific extensions to fs::Metadata.
Unix-specific extensions to fs::OpenOptions.
Platform-specific extensions to OsStr.
Platform-specific extensions to OsString.
Unix-specific extensions to fs::Permissions.

Type Definitions

Raw file descriptors.