Module tracing::stdlib::os::unix::net

1.10.0 · source ·
Available on Unix only.
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Unix-specific networking functionality.


  • An iterator over incoming connections to a UnixListener.
  • An address associated with a Unix socket.
  • A Unix datagram socket.
  • A structure representing a Unix domain socket server.
  • A Unix stream socket.
  • MessagesExperimental
    This struct is used to iterate through the control messages.
  • ScmCredentialsExperimental
    This control message contains unix credentials.
  • ScmRightsExperimental
    This control message contains file descriptors.
  • SocketAncillaryExperimental
    A Unix socket Ancillary data struct.
  • SocketCredExperimental
    Unix credential.
  • UCredExperimental
    Credentials for a UNIX process for credentials passing.


  • AncillaryDataExperimental
    This enum represent one control message of variable type.
  • AncillaryErrorExperimental
    The error type which is returned from parsing the type a control message.