Struct servo::opts::DebugOptions[][src]

pub struct DebugOptions {
Show 27 fields pub help: bool, pub bubble_widths: bool, pub disable_text_aa: bool, pub disable_subpixel_aa: bool, pub disable_canvas_aa: bool, pub dump_style_tree: bool, pub dump_rule_tree: bool, pub dump_flow_tree: bool, pub dump_display_list: bool, pub dump_display_list_json: bool, pub relayout_event: bool, pub profile_script_events: bool, pub show_fragment_borders: bool, pub show_parallel_layout: bool, pub trace_layout: bool, pub disable_share_style_cache: bool, pub style_sharing_stats: bool, pub convert_mouse_to_touch: bool, pub replace_surrogates: bool, pub gc_profile: bool, pub load_webfonts_synchronously: bool, pub webrender_stats: bool, pub webrender_record: bool, pub webrender_disable_batch: bool, pub full_backtraces: bool, pub precache_shaders: bool, pub signpost: bool,
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Debug options for Servo, currently set on the command line with -Z


help: bool

List all the debug options.

bubble_widths: bool

Bubble intrinsic widths separately like other engines.

disable_text_aa: bool

Disable antialiasing of rendered text.

disable_subpixel_aa: bool

Disable subpixel antialiasing of rendered text.

disable_canvas_aa: bool

Disable antialiasing of rendered text on the HTML canvas element.

dump_style_tree: bool

Print the DOM after each restyle.

dump_rule_tree: bool

Dumps the rule tree.

dump_flow_tree: bool

Print the flow tree after each layout.

dump_display_list: bool

Print the display list after each layout.

dump_display_list_json: bool

Print the display list in JSON form.

relayout_event: bool

Print notifications when there is a relayout.

profile_script_events: bool

Profile which events script threads spend their time on.

show_fragment_borders: bool

Paint borders along fragment boundaries.

show_parallel_layout: bool

Mark which thread laid each flow out with colors.

trace_layout: bool

Write layout trace to an external file for debugging.

disable_share_style_cache: bool

Disable the style sharing cache.

style_sharing_stats: bool

Whether to show in stdout style sharing cache stats after a restyle.

convert_mouse_to_touch: bool

Translate mouse input into touch events.

replace_surrogates: bool

Replace unpaires surrogates in DOM strings with U+FFFD. See

gc_profile: bool

Log GC passes and their durations.

load_webfonts_synchronously: bool

Load web fonts synchronously to avoid non-deterministic network-driven reflows.

webrender_stats: bool

Show webrender profiling stats on screen.

webrender_record: bool

Enable webrender recording.

webrender_disable_batch: bool

Enable webrender instanced draw call batching.

full_backtraces: boolprecache_shaders: bool

True to compile all webrender shaders at init time. This is mostly useful when modifying the shaders, to ensure they all compile after each change is made.

signpost: bool

True to use OS native signposting facilities. This makes profiling events (script activity, reflow, compositing, etc.) appear in on macOS.


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