Struct servo::headed_window::Window[][src]

pub struct Window {
Show 16 fields winit_window: Window, webrender_surfman: WebrenderSurfman, screen_size: Size2D<u32, DeviceIndependentPixel>, inner_size: Cell<Size2D<u32, DeviceIndependentPixel>>, mouse_down_button: Cell<Option<MouseButton>>, mouse_down_point: Cell<Point2D<i32, DevicePixel>>, primary_monitor: MonitorHandle, event_queue: RefCell<Vec<WindowEvent>>, mouse_pos: Cell<Point2D<i32, DevicePixel>>, last_pressed: Cell<Option<(KeyboardEvent, Option<VirtualKeyCode>)>>, keys_down: RefCell<HashMap<VirtualKeyCode, Key>>, animation_state: Cell<AnimationState>, fullscreen: Cell<bool>, device_pixels_per_px: Option<f32>, xr_window_poses: RefCell<Vec<Rc<XRWindowPose>>>, modifiers_state: Cell<ModifiersState>,


winit_window: Windowwebrender_surfman: WebrenderSurfmanscreen_size: Size2D<u32, DeviceIndependentPixel>inner_size: Cell<Size2D<u32, DeviceIndependentPixel>>mouse_down_button: Cell<Option<MouseButton>>mouse_down_point: Cell<Point2D<i32, DevicePixel>>primary_monitor: MonitorHandleevent_queue: RefCell<Vec<WindowEvent>>mouse_pos: Cell<Point2D<i32, DevicePixel>>last_pressed: Cell<Option<(KeyboardEvent, Option<VirtualKeyCode>)>>keys_down: RefCell<HashMap<VirtualKeyCode, Key>>

A map of winit’s key codes to key values that are interpreted from winit’s ReceivedChar events.

animation_state: Cell<AnimationState>fullscreen: Cell<bool>device_pixels_per_px: Option<f32>xr_window_poses: RefCell<Vec<Rc<XRWindowPose>>>modifiers_state: Cell<ModifiersState>


Helper function to handle a click

Trait Implementations

Get the coordinates of the native window, the screen and the framebuffer.

Set whether the application is currently animating. Typically, when animations are active, the window will want to avoid blocking on UI events, and just run the event loop at the vsync interval. Read more

Get the webrender surfman instance

Get the media GL context

Get the media native display

Get the GL api

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