[]Struct servo::headed_window::Window

pub struct Window {
    gl_context: RefCell<GlContext>,
    events_loop: Rc<RefCell<EventsLoop>>,
    screen_size: Size2D<u32, DeviceIndependentPixel>,
    inner_size: Cell<Size2D<u32, DeviceIndependentPixel>>,
    mouse_down_button: Cell<Option<MouseButton>>,
    mouse_down_point: Cell<Point2D<i32, DevicePixel>>,
    primary_monitor: MonitorId,
    event_queue: RefCell<Vec<WindowEvent>>,
    mouse_pos: Cell<Point2D<i32, DevicePixel>>,
    last_pressed: Cell<Option<KeyboardEvent>>,
    animation_state: Cell<AnimationState>,
    fullscreen: Cell<bool>,
    gl: Rc<dyn Gl>,
    xr_rotation: Cell<Rotation3D<f32, UnknownUnit, UnknownUnit>>,
    xr_translation: Cell<Vector3D<f32, UnknownUnit>>,
    angle: bool,
    enable_vsync: bool,
    use_msaa: bool,
    no_native_titlebar: bool,
    device_pixels_per_px: Option<f32>,


gl_context: RefCell<GlContext>events_loop: Rc<RefCell<EventsLoop>>screen_size: Size2D<u32, DeviceIndependentPixel>inner_size: Cell<Size2D<u32, DeviceIndependentPixel>>mouse_down_button: Cell<Option<MouseButton>>mouse_down_point: Cell<Point2D<i32, DevicePixel>>primary_monitor: MonitorIdevent_queue: RefCell<Vec<WindowEvent>>mouse_pos: Cell<Point2D<i32, DevicePixel>>last_pressed: Cell<Option<KeyboardEvent>>animation_state: Cell<AnimationState>fullscreen: Cell<bool>gl: Rc<dyn Gl>xr_rotation: Cell<Rotation3D<f32, UnknownUnit, UnknownUnit>>xr_translation: Cell<Vector3D<f32, UnknownUnit>>angle: boolenable_vsync: booluse_msaa: boolno_native_titlebar: booldevice_pixels_per_px: Option<f32>


impl Window

pub fn new(
    win_size: Size2D<u32, DeviceIndependentPixel>,
    sharing: Option<&Window>,
    events_loop: Rc<RefCell<EventsLoop>>,
    angle: bool,
    enable_vsync: bool,
    use_msaa: bool,
    no_native_titlebar: bool,
    device_pixels_per_px: Option<f32>
) -> Window

fn handle_received_character(&self, ch: char)

fn handle_keyboard_input(&self, input: KeyboardInput)

fn handle_xr_translation(&self, input: &KeyboardEvent)

fn handle_xr_rotation(&self, input: &KeyboardInput)

fn handle_mouse(
    button: MouseButton,
    action: ElementState,
    coords: Point2D<i32, DevicePixel>

Helper function to handle a click

fn device_hidpi_factor(&self) -> Scale<f32, DeviceIndependentPixel, DevicePixel>

fn servo_hidpi_factor(&self) -> Scale<f32, DeviceIndependentPixel, DevicePixel>

Trait Implementations

impl GlWindow for Window

impl WindowMethods for Window

impl WindowPortsMethods for Window

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for Window

impl !Send for Window

impl !Sync for Window

impl Unpin for Window

impl !UnwindSafe for Window

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