Function servo::env::split_paths1.0.0[][src]

pub fn split_paths<T>(unparsed: &T) -> SplitPaths<'_>
Notable traits for SplitPaths<'a>
impl<'a> Iterator for SplitPaths<'a> type Item = PathBuf;
    T: AsRef<OsStr> + ?Sized
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Parses input according to platform conventions for the PATH environment variable.

Returns an iterator over the paths contained in unparsed. The iterator element type is PathBuf.


use std::env;

let key = "PATH";
match env::var_os(key) {
    Some(paths) => {
        for path in env::split_paths(&paths) {
            println!("'{}'", path.display());
    None => println!("{} is not defined in the environment.", key)