[][src]Enum servo::context::GlContext

pub enum GlContext {




impl GlContext[src]

pub fn window(&self) -> &Window[src]

pub fn resize(&mut self, size: PhysicalSize)[src]

pub fn make_current(&mut self)[src]

pub fn make_not_current(&mut self)[src]

pub fn swap_buffers(&self)[src]

pub fn raw_context(&self) -> RawContext[src]

pub fn new_window<T>(
    cb: ContextBuilder<T>,
    wb: WindowBuilder,
    el: &EventsLoop
) -> Result<WindowedContext<NotCurrent>, CreationError> where
    T: ContextCurrentState

pub fn egl_display(&self) -> Option<*const c_void>[src]

pub fn get_api(&self) -> Api[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !Send for GlContext

impl Unpin for GlContext

impl !Sync for GlContext

impl !UnwindSafe for GlContext

impl !RefUnwindSafe for GlContext

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